Our Philosophy


Groot River - Cederberg

Freshwater is widely acknowledged to be fundamental to economic and social well-being, and its availability or scarcity is rapidly becoming one of the planet’s most pressing environmental concerns. Sustainable use of water resources is essential if human societies are to continue to derive long-term benefits in the face of local development needs and global climate change. Integral to the FRC’s philosophy is the conviction that water is not just a resource, but an essential element for the sustenance of life itself, and that maintaining healthy aquatic ecosystems is central to the continued existence of human society.

Freshwater is essential for survival, yet this valuable resource is threatened by human activities that continue to degrade its quality and quantity. Water resources are particularly threatened in countries like South Africa where the climate is generally semi-arid and water resources are naturally scarce. To effectively manage water resources, it is imperative that we understand how freshwater ecosystems function and the ecological consequences of water use. 

Our goals are to achieve a thorough understanding of how freshwater ecosystems are structured and how they function, to improve our ability to use water resources sustainably, and to predict the effects of climate change and other human-related impacts on the integrity of freshwater ecosystems.