Bruce has 12 years of experience in aquatic ecology.  Bruce’s main area of interest and expertise is in understanding the links between the biological and physical components of river systems and the implications this has for their management.  He has worked for the Freshwater Research Unit at the University of Cape Town where he was awarded four consecutive research grants from the Water Research Commission of South Africa to study the response of river fish populations to altered flow regimes downstream of dams.  He has consulted as a freshwater fish specialist on a range of Environmental Impact 

Assessments, dam pre-feasibility studies and Environmental Water Requirement determinations for the Department of Water Affairs, South Africa.  He has authored or co-authored a range of consultancy and technical reports and served on the Steering Committees of a number of WRC research projects.  In 2009 he was based at the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he held a postdoctoral research position with Murdoch University (Perth, Australia) examining the response of exploited fish stocks in the Mekong River to forecasted changes in river flow.  Since 2009 Bruce has undertaken a range of conservation and water resources management related projects including Catchment Management Plans, Biodiversity Management Plans.  In addition to South Africa and Cambodia, he has contributed to Environmental Flow Assessments, biological monitoring and capacity building programmes in Laos, Lesotho and Peru.

Formal education 

PhD (Freshwater Ecology, University of Cape Town)
BSc Honours (Zoology, University of Cape Town)
BSc (Zoology, University of Cape Town) 

Professional Memberships/Accreditations 

Member - Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists (SASAqS) 


Freshwater fish ecology, ecohydraulics, environmental flow assessment, biomonitoring, freshwater conservation planning


Scientific publications