Justine has 14 years experience in the field of freshwater ecology, ranging from specialist input into biomonitoring and situation assessment surveys both locally and abroad, to environmental flow studies. In particular, Justine has provided specialist input into the hydraulic biotope and macroinvertebrate components of a number of environmental flow studies in the south-western Cape of South Africa. Following on from specialist input to the benthic algal component of the baseline monitoring of the Berg River Baseline Monitoring Programme, Justine was awarded a research grant from the Water Research Commission to study the effects of the recently built Berg Dam on the dynamics of benthic algal communities in the Berg River and was employed as a research scientist in the Freshwater Research Unit at the University of Cape Town during this time. Based on this research, Justine recently completed a PhD in Freshwater Ecology at the University of Cape Town where she studied the ecology of benthic algal communities in rivers in relation to hydrological drivers under different nutrient conditions. Justine was recently involved in the assessment of benthic algal communities on two rivers in Peru as part of an Ecological Flow Management Plan for the Cheves Hydropower Project.  

Besides her specialist interest in benthic algae, Justine is experienced in overall project co-ordination and management, and was responsible for the development of a national wetland classification system through collaboration and co-ordination of wetland specialists from throughout South Africa. Justine also co-ordinated and managed the development of a wetland map for the City of Cape Town.  Justine has been involved in lecturing and supervising undergraduate and honours students at the University of Cape Town since 2002. Currently, Justine is involved in a monitoring programme commissioned by the City of Cape Town to assess the potential impacts of ground water abstraction on freshwater ecosystems in the south-western Cape of South Africa. She is also working as the biodata analyst for the Eflow assessment for the Neelum/Jhelum Hydropower Plant in Pakistan.