Pashni's career began over 25 years ago in the Chemistry lab when she joined Umgeni Water in KwaZulu-Natal, and has gain immense knowledge and experience in her field. She started in water pollution control, then moved from the microbiology lab and joined the Hydrobiology department.  Pashni was an instrumental figure in setting up the algal identification and enumeration method along with Dr Chris Dickens and Miss Gillian Ayliffe. Her passion for algal taxonomy grew and this interest saw her being sent to The Field Studies centre in Kindrogan in Scotland in 1998. Three years later she went to Durham University in England where she studied algal identification with the world renowned academics including Dr Eileen Cox and David John - both from the Natural History Museum and Prof Brian Whitton from Durham University.  After wetting her feet with the two trips to the UK, she ran training courses in Namibia, for NamWater and also for candidates from Botswana.  In 2006 she focused on diatoms at the University of Potchefstroom, under the guidance of Dr Jonathan Taylor, one of South Africa's leading diatom experts.    In 2008 she joined the Freshwater Unit, University of Cape Town, as a researcher. Pashni is currently working on WRC projects performing the algae taxonomy and enumeration analysis.