Tumisho is formally qualified with a BTech Degree in Nature Conservation and is registered with SACNASP as a candidate of natural scientist. He has intermediate working experience in wetland consulting in basic wetland assessments, wetland delineation, alien invasive and indigenous floral assessment, Hydrological GIS skills in analysis and mapping. He gained working experience of 2 years in invasive alien fauna projects in freshwater and terrestrial systems in the Western Cape Province through projects that involved river rehabilitation, alien fauna (fish and feral pigs) control, fish surveys and monitoring, GIS mapping and data collection and analysis. Apart from freshwater projects, he has worked in terrestrial projects which involved small mammal surveys, vegetation surveys and health assessment, plant community classification, reserve management planning, general conservation management duties and environmental education. He recently joined Freshwater Consulting Group (FCG) under the mentorship of Dean Ollis as a Junior Consultant and he plans to do his MTech Degree.  Tumisho assists FRC members with field work and data capture on an ad hoc basis.